Learning to dance is a great way to relax, exercise, meet new friends, and add a new skill and confidence to your social repertoire.

You may hear the words lead and follow if you are new to Social Dancing. Whether it is Swing, Ballroom or Latin, Social Dance is based on the concepts of leading and following. Generally men lead and women follow, but we have many students that learn both the lead and the follow and we are open to whatever your preference may be.

Many new students ask us how long it takes to learn a dance. We have found it takes about 12 classes for students to feel comfortable with the basic footwork. If you'd like to learn more quickly, we suggest our private classes with Brandon or Laura. But like learning to ride a bike - when you master your steps, you will be able to enjoy them forever.

Getting started just takes you taking your first step! It's easier than you think!

1. You don't need to bring a partner! Just bring yourself during the 1st week of the new session. In class we rotate partners and you will learn to dance with many people, learn the different leads and follows and meet your classmates too!

When the schedule permits, we try to make practice time available directly following a class. Here you can practice your technique with other students while Brandon (or Laura) is still available to answer the newly appearing question. 

2. You don't need special shoes for class. Just select a pair of shoes that are comfortable, light weight and slippery enough so that you can turn and spin. We do not recommend rubber soled shoes (like sneakers) because they tend to be "sticky" on the floor and you can easily twist your ankle or step on your partner's feet. Also make sure your shoes stay on your feet when you lift your heel from the floor.  Avoid sandals, mules and other slip on shoes. As your interest and skill level increase, you will probably start to look at more specialized dance shoes.

3. Dress comfortably in clothing that does not restrict your movement. Many people dress up a little to attend class.

Check our Calendar! If you have questions about the class level you should attend - just drop in during the first week of the new session before class and we will be happy to recommend a starting level.

Shall we dance?