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Salsa is arguably the most popular form of Latin dance. The dance originated in New York in the mid-1970's, adapting to the distinctive sounds developed by Puerto Rican musicians  It is a mixture of different styles. It has evolved primarily from Cha Cha and Mambo but also incorporates elements from Swing, Hustle, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Caribbean dances. Some believe that the name Salsa was coined because, just like a salsa sauce, the dance is a mixture of many spicy ingredients.

At the Sonata Room, we offer three levels of Salsa: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. We highly recommend that first time students begin with the basic class. Without solid basic technique, it is difficult to learn the more complicated movements. Much as a musician continues to practice scales, many of the most experienced dancers still attend basic classes to refresh their technique. When the schedule permits, we try to make practice time available directly following a class. Here you can practice your technique with other students while Brandon (or Laura) is still available to answer the newly appearing question.

To learn more about our class schedule check here.


Shall we dance?

Classes can be purchased singly or in a set of five for a discount. For those who want to jump in with both feet, not a bad idea for any serious dancer, we also offer a monthly rate. And, if your goal is to learn quickly, we recommend a blend of classes and private lessons. To learn more about our fee schedule please check here.

We suggest that you take at least three classes to get a sense of our teaching style. We have found that it takes about twelve classes to develop some proficiency with the basic footwork.